Remember the Meds, Forget the Stress!

Smartwatch Health Solution featuring:

Helping People with Chronic Conditions Stay Independent & Healthy At Home

All-In-One & Easy-To-Use

Smart Solutions for Seniors, Providers



“The issue was not just adding another device to our platform, because the patient will either throw out technology they don’t like or put it in the drawer. We needed a system that allowed us to engage patients and create a relationship that improves outcomes.

With WatchRX the possibilities are endless.

​- Roque Espinal-Valdez, MD, Founder & CEO of DN Telehealth

Comprehensive Solution to Non-Adherence

Always with you

Never miss a medication ​reminder -- wear the watch wherever you go. (Even in the shower!)

Work independently

No need for a smartphone. Family or care team enjoy easy online access to reporting and schedules.

Dedicated Solution

Smartphone notices get lost among other messages. Our reminders stay on until confirmed.

Extremely easy to use

Senior-friendly fonts and interface. ​No setup required, -- ​Just charge and go!